Reducing Wafer Processing Time and Costs with a Wafer Etching System

Semiconductor fabrication and research facilities can reduce wafer processing time and cost using Modutek’s rotary wafer etching system. This automated batch processor is a compact and freestanding wet bench unit with a dual tank design. It has a carrier assembly line that takes the wafer boats into the chemical tank where it provides rotational agitation for a set time. Next, it transfers the carrier assembly to the rinse tank for rinse cycles.

Once the rinse cycle is done, the carrier can be placed in the unload position were the wafer boats can be removed for drying. The rotation of the wafers in the baths is consistent, and the transfer of the wafers from the chemical tank to the rinse tank is also made much faster.

Modutek’s wafer etching system also features a touch screen control along with programmable recipes that provide full automatic wafer processing. Its microprocessor can control up to five recipes that are programmed via the touch screen. The screen displays the use and process information.

Once the operator turns on the process, the system will take control of the carrier and transfer it via the chemical and rinse cycles according to programmed values. It can accommodate multiple wafer sizes in one toll with a rotor change and it has a production capacity of up to fifty 6-inch or twenty-five 8-inch wafers at a time. Additional system options also include the capacity to handle larger wafer sizes, a chemical filtering and re-circulating system, a gravity chemical fill system, a fume condenser, and a heating/cooling system in the process tank.

Modutek’s Rotary Wafer Etching System helps in reducing wafer processing time and costs. It delivers the chemical etching, stripping, cleaning, and developing solutions for semiconductor wafers or substrates. It boasts high precision, improved safety for operators and fast processing in a compact design.

Call or email Modutek Corporation at to discuss how a wafer etching system can save your company time and money. You can also learn more by reading our entire article “Reducing Wafer Processing Time and Costs with a Wafer Etching System.”

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