Tips on Selecting Chemical Delivery Systems for Your Application

Chemical delivery systems handle the chemical distribution required to maintain a variety of industrial processes. Corrosive or hazardous chemicals are securely stored and delivered to the process in specific concentrations or mixtures.

Chemical delivery systems integrated in processes like semiconductor manufacturing using wet bench equipment, allow safe operation with accurate amounts and quick change from one chemical to another. Chemical delivery system design needs to utilize correct storage methods and provide customization to meet the requirements of specific applications.

The list below includes specific factors that should be considered in selecting chemical delivery systems for your application:

  • How much of a particular chemical is used in the process?
  • How does the system calculate the required chemicals and how is the software for calculations supported?
  • What are the control options and do they integrate easily and well with wet bench controls?
  • What safety, error and leak detection features are available?
  • Is the system flexible enough to adapt to specific process requirements and can the supplier undertake such customization?

Apart from these questions, the supplier should have an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in designing and handling chemical delivery systems.

One such company, Modutek Corporation, has vast experience designing and constructing chemical delivery systems that meet customers’ specific requirements. It has a wide range of storage options from large volume storage to drums to carboys. These chemical delivery systems integrate seamlessly with the company’s own wet bench stations and can typically work with wet benches from other companies. Modutek’s chemical delivery systems are also safe, reliable, provide excellent performance and quick changeovers, and are also customizable to a customer’s specific requirements. Modutek has the internal expertise to evaluate customer requirements and will make appropriate recommendations that best support the application. Contact Modutek by email to learn more or read the complete article titled “Tips on Selecting Chemical Delivery Systems for Your Application.”

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