How Teflon Tanks Are Used in Wet Processing Applications

Modutek’s Teflon tanks are custom-made and compatible with both new and existing wet processing stations. Their modular configuration makes it easy to install in existing clean room facilities. Modutek can also design and build specific tanks to meet a customer’s requirements. The advanced PFA Teflon welding techniques reduce contamination and undesirable by-products in the process. Heated models are also available for use in processes requiring temperature control.

Modutek’s Teflon tanks are available in standard sizes (single or double capacity); the company can also build custom-sized tanks. There are also other features and functions that make the Teflon tanks ideal for various wet bench applications.

Modutek provides three types of Teflon tanks:

  • The “TT series” (ambient temperature baths)
  • The “TI series” (temperature controlled static baths)
  • The “TFa series” (temperature controlled overflow recirculating baths)

Modutek’s static and recirculating temperature-controlled Teflon tanks are ideal for anisotropic etching of silicon using KOH (potassium hydroxide) and TMAH (tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide) processes. Process temperature control is accurate to within +/- 0.5 degrees centigrade and an optional Teflon refluxor with Teflon cooling coils is also available. Providing fast and accurate temperature controls lets operators achieve excellent consistency and repeatability for temperature sensitive process for TMAH and KOH etching.

Modutek’s state-of-the-art Teflon tank design, features and functions, result in fewer defects in output and a higher quality control overall. These tanks ensure uniform heating in the bath, rapid but accurate temperature control and process etch variability wafer to wafer less than 2%. Modutek also offers in house maintenance and support for the product.

Read the complete article titled “How Teflon Tanks Are Used in Wet Processing Applications” for more details. Whether you need Teflon tanks or a complete line of wet process semiconductor equipment, Modutek can help determine what the requirements are and suggest optimal equipment solutions. You may contact Modutek at 408-362-2000 for a free consultation and quote.

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