How Quartz Tube Stations Work and the Benefits They Provide

High-temperature operations that include diffusion of materials into the silicon wafers are some of the processing steps involved in the manufacture of semiconductor components. Quartz tubes are the ideal vessel for such processing steps because they can withstand even the highest temperatures and are inert enough to reduce contamination.

Usually, the silicon wafers are placed in a horizontal quartz tube that is big enough to contain wafers and their supports. In horizontal quartz tube cleaning stations, the tube is inserted into the cleaning enclosure and cleaned with an acid spray. The acid dissolves and removes the contaminants from the high temperature furnace. A couple of cycles are then followed: the rinse cycle which removes the traces of the acid, and the drying cycle which speeds up the drying process without introducing particles into the cleaning enclosure. Mechanical handling of the tubes helps in minimizing possible damage due to human error and decreases the chances of contamination from foreign particles.

Modutek’s quartz tube cleaning stations offer a lot of advantages, especially when they’re customized to accommodate the requirements of a specific application. Aside from providing customized equipment, Modutek can supply the degree of automation requested by the client. Cleaning process steps can be performed manually or fully automated. Full automation minimizes human error and keeps operators safe by allowing them to remotely monitor the cleaning process.

Modutek’s horizontal quartz tube cleaning stations provide an excellent solution for semiconductor manufacturers and research facilities. Rugged and reliable, the basic unit offers many options for additional features according to specific customer requirements such as: holding tanks, automation features, a T/C sheath cleaner or a bottle washer. As a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer Modutek provides continuous product innovations and improvements and offers the highest degree of customer service and support.

For more details read the complete article “How Quartz Tube Stations Work and the Benefits They Provide”. To discuss your specific needs, contact Modutek at 866-803-1533 or email to schedule a free consultation.

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