How Quick Dump Rinsers Improve Silicon Wet Etching Results


Manufacturing lines in semiconductor fabrication facilities and research labs use corrosive chemicals in cleaning and etching silicon wafers. A silicon wafer will undergo multiple steps in baths that contain such chemicals as hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide.

 Once the cleaning and etching are done, using Quick Dump Rinsers the silicon wafer then undergoes rinsing – the rinsing process should remove the contaminants from the corrosive chemicals completely without introducing new contaminants. The chemicals from the silicon wafer must be completely rinsed before the wafer can undergo further process steps.

If traces of chemicals are not completely removed, etching of the wafer may result in defective and low-quality products. That is why in many process steps, rinser performance is critical for product output quality.

When the wafers are placed into the Quick Dump Rinser tank, powerful jets spray de-ionized water over the wafers to remove all traces of chemicals. As the tank fills up, all the chemical residue and particles are flushed out and rise to the surface. A nitrogen gas bubbler system agitates the de-ionized water further, removing additional contaminants from the surface of the wafers. An overflow weir allows the surface to flush the chemical residues and other impurities out of the tank. Once the rinsing process is complete, the quick dump door at the bottom of the tank opens and drains the water in a matter of seconds.

Modutek’s Quick Dump Rinsers are designed to meet the needs of advanced semiconductor fabrication. Their features include:

  • Contoured vessel design
  • Nitrogen bubble on all models
  • Natural polypropylene or PVDF (option) tanks, nozzles and fittings
  • Large machined dump door without gaskets or seals
  • 360-degree overflow weir

The rinsers are available either as standalone units or integrated into a wet bench process manufacturing line.

The rapid operation of Modutek’s Quick Dump Rinsers help reduce the use of de-ionized water as well as save process time. It removes contaminants completely without introducing new chemicals. Modutek has an extensive line of silicon wet etching equipment from which to choose.

For more information read the blog article titled “How Quick Dump Rinsers Improve Silicon Wet Etching Results” . For a free consultation or quote contact Modutek at or call 866-803-1533 to discuss your specific requirements.

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