How Modutek’s Fully Automated Wafer Fabrication Equipment Improves Process Control

Particle contamination has a challenging problem when the structures and conductors on the silicon wafers are small or tightly packed. On the smallest microscopic structures, a single particle can block a conductor, distort a structure or affect diffusion. To address this issue Modutek’s product line includes fully automated wafer fabrication equipment and wet bench stations. The company develops its own software for the equipment in-house and assembles all its wet stations in its San Jose facility.

Modutek makes extensive use of software control and robotics to ensure excellent process control and high-quality output. These can optimize the automation for the best possible performance and customized equipment can be used to meet specific application requirements.

The full range of benefits that Modutek’s fully automated stations include the following:

  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Improved etch rates
  • Higher yields
  • Better throughput
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Ability to handle both acid and solvent applications
  • Ability to work with standard wafer carrier sizes and custom sizes up to 30” x 60”
  • Extensive tracking of process variables
  • Highest output quality

The SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard) and GEM (Generic Equipment Model) protocol standards both specify how automated semiconductor fabrication equipment can communicate with a host computer. These standards are developed by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International organization, and they define interfaces, messaging and communication capabilities.

Modutek’s fully automated stations support this protocol and can supply a variety of data to the hosts while receiving remote commands to start or stop a process and to choose stored recipes or programs. Using in-house experience in wet processing semiconductor manufacturing Modutek can customize their wafer fabrication equipment to meet the specific needs of the customer’s application.

Read the complete article “How Fully Automated Wafer Fabrication Equipment Improves Process Control” which goes into greater detail. Contact Modutek at 866-803-1533 or by email for a free consultation to discuss your specific process requirements.

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