5 Important Things to Know When Buying Wet Bench Stations

Because of the complicated nature of semiconductor manufacturing, wet benches need to be customized to meet specific requirements for a specific application.

Before focusing on the process-specific requirements, there are general questions that should be answered. They include the level of automation, whether stainless steel solvent stations are required, whether a chemical delivery system is needed and whether any special options for rinsing and drying would be beneficial. Following this structured approach helps with selecting the best wet process station configuration and with integrating special equipment within the wet bench station.

1) Automated Wet Bench Stations
Modutek’s line of wet bench stations can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automated. You get the most benefits from using fully automated stations since they can run batches without operator intervention and provide excellent repeatability if the same product is manufactured multiple times. The use of Modutek’s proprietary software will help increase throughput and yield.

2) Stainless Steel Solvent Stations
Modutek’s stainless steel solvent stations are available in the manual, semi-automatic and fully automated stations as well as in dry-to-dry configurations. Solvent stations are designed to satisfy fire safety standards that are needed in solvent applications.

3) Chemical Delivery System
Modutek’s chemical delivery systems help avoid spills and make tracking of chemical neutralization and disposal easier. The company can also customize the system’s design to exactly meet the needs of a customer’s application.

4) Rinsing and Drying
When an etching or cleaning process step is complete, the wafers must be rinsed and dried without leaving any contaminants. Modutek’s IPA dryer combines rinsing and drying in one station while the quick dump rinser improves the process efficiently.

5) Special Etching or Cleaning Equipment
Some semiconductor fabrication and research facilities may require specialized wet bench equipment for specific etching or cleaning process steps. For this reason, Modutek can incorporate specialized equipment such as the Vacuum Metal Etcher which is designed to etch aluminum layers with high precision and remove hydrogen bubbles when they are created.

For more details read the complete article “5 Important Things to Know When Buying Wet Bench Stations”. Contact Modutek by email at Modutek@modutek.com or call 866-803-1533 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs or get a free quote.

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