Improving Wafer Manufacturing Processes with Automated Equipment

Automated wafer fabrication equipment can improve semiconductor manufacturing facility performance, but all the associated process settings must be programmed properly. The settings, timing, and other parameters have to be fine-tuned before starting the manufacturing processes on a fully automated wet bench station.

As the circuit geometries and micro-structures become smaller and more tightly packed, the chemical concentrations, temperature levels, and timed intervals become more critical.

Once fabrication processes (like KOH etching) are chosen in a manual operation, the process variables can be selected. Etching can be isotropic or anisotropic, and the etching precision or speed can vary. Initially, running a new process on a manual wet bench station makes sense. It allows the operator to determine the process results by rough settings of basic variables, such as concentrations, temperature, and timing, which then can be adjusted to achieve the acceptable results.

A semi-automatic operation can help save time in optimizing the process steps after determining the rough settings for basic variables in manual operation. The now-fixed variables can be programmed into the semi-automatic software control, while others can be manually adjusted to get the best process results. After the variables are programmed, the process can run on the fully automated wafer processing equipment.

Fully automated wet process stations for which the process has been optimized in manual and semi-automated operations can improve overall production facility performance in several ways. Programmed settings ensure that the process can be repeated for the next batches. The use of software can help achieve accurate process parameters. It also allows precise dosages of chemicals needed in the process, while correct timing results in fewer inferior or defective products. Not to mention that full automation reduces human error and throughput and wafer yields are significantly increased.

The complete article, “Improving Wafer Manufacturing Processes with Automated Equipment” explains the process on the fully automated wafer fabrication equipment. With 40 years of experience, including in house expertise, Modutek can supply all of your automated equipment needs. Contact Modutek for a free consultation at 866-803-1533.

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