How Process Controls Are Improved with Automated Wet Bench Equipment

When semiconductor manufacturing is automated, tight process control can improve overall facility performance.

Among the advantages of an optimized manufacturing process is the reduction of consumption of consumables and more uniform production results. Once a batch has run successfully, an automated process ensures that it will run the same way for the next batches. Well-designed automation will also help reduce silicon wafer handling and particle contamination.

Wet process equipment should also be able to customize the automated functions to meet the needs of the application. Once the process is set up, it can run with a minimum amount of operator interference and monitor.

Here are some of the advantages of an optimized automated wet bench equipment:

  • It can reduce chemical use – A fully automated wet bench equipment uses the least amount of chemicals required to carry out the etching or cleaning function and continues do so reliably.
  • Output quality is improved – With fully automated wafer fabrication equipment, semiconductor component output is consistent with fewer defects and rejections.
  • It reduces environmental impact – Automation can ensure that acid and solvent chemical waste is neutralized, and an automated system can block discharge if the output pH is not within predefined limits. Since all chemical use and discharge is tracked, compliance with environmental regulations can easily be demonstrated.

 Depending on what kind of semiconductor components are being produced, a manufacturing or research facility may require highly customized equipment to carry out the process steps required. The automation has to be flexible enough to accommodate custom process steps and the equipment provider should be experienced enough to customize both equipment and automation.

Ideally, the equipment provider should work with customers to exactly define what is required and then design and develop the wafer fabrication equipment with the required automation.

An experienced equipment provider, such as Modutek, designs and builds its own equipment in house based on extensive experience in wet process technology, leaving it in the ideal position to customize wafer processing equipment as needed to meet specific customer requirements.

Our latest article, How Process Controls Are Improved with Automated Wet Bench Equipment, goes into further detail. After you’ve read it, if you have questions or would like to set up a free consultation to discuss your specific needs, contact us at or by calling 866-803-1533.

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