How Piranha Etch is Used in Silicon Wafer Cleaning

The Piranha or SPM (sulfuric peroxide mix) solution consists of a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. When combined in correct ratios, this solution can clean organic contaminants and residues from wafers and oxidize most metals. The powerful chemical action that makes it a preferred method for stripping and cleaning of wafers also makes it hard to use.  Silicon wafer cleaning equipment is required to handle the corrosive chemicals needed to support the piranha etch process on semiconductor wafers safely and effectively.

When a facility wants to re-use the piranha solution, they spike it with hydrogen peroxide which allows the piranha solution to be usable for up to eight hours rather than replacing the solution every two hours. Spiking conserves the sulfuric acid as well as saves money, but at the same time it requires wet bench equipment that can support the spiking and the overall process of piranha etching.

Modutek’s high-quality silicon wafer cleaning solutions are specifically designed to handle corrosive cleaning chemicals and can support the piranha etch process safely and effectively. Modutek can supply standard equipment or customized wet benches to fit to the customer’s specifications. Piranha wafer cleaning is supported by Modutek’s QFa quartz recirculating tanks and QA constant temperature baths. Both can be installed in a wet bench station and can be programmed and controlled manually, semi-automatically, and automatically.

For more information read the complete blog article titled “How Piranha Etch is Used in Silicon Wafer Cleaning” to learn more about Modutek’s silicon wafer cleaning equipment. You may also call or send an email to request a free quote or recommendations for choosing the right wafer cleaning equipment for your application.

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