The Benefits of Using Modutek’s Quartz Tube Cleaning Solutions

Ultra-clean and reliable quartz tubes are a basic requirement to ensure a precise and smooth semiconductor wafer fabrication process. That’s why quartz tube cleaning stations are required equipment at every semiconductor wafer foundry.

The Quartz tube cleaning process requires the use of corrosive chemicals, and requires the involvement of a manufacturer and installer to design and install units specifically tuned and adjusted to meet the specific application.

Quartz tubes themselves are delicate components, they need tp be handled meticulously as they can be prone to risk and damage. The ideal quartz tube cleaning process minimizes human handling at all stages. This is why automated tube cleaning stations are essential equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.

Fortunately, there are quartz tube cleaning stations today that require minimal human handling at every stage, and Modutek’s quartz tube cleaning stations do exactly just that.

Built out of white polypropylene, Modutek’s quartz tube cleaning stations are designed to keep quartz tubes in motion while they are being etched, and powerful nozzles direct water spray at the quartz tube to maximize coverage.

Units can also be custom-designed and equipped with many other options (such as automation and hot nitrogen drying processes) that can be applied for more efficient cleaning procedures. From automated program recipes to tube roller systems, every part of the process can be made more efficient with automation. Operators using the automated station will simply monitor the process through the data shown on the screen, and can control various functions remotely.

Whether you need a manual or automated quartz tube cleaning station, Modutek designs it for you in house at their facility to ensure excellent and superior performance in any installation.

For more details read the posted article titled “The Benefits of Using Modutek’s Quartz Tube Cleaning Solutions”. If you want a quote or consultation on selecting equipment for your specific application call Modutek at 866-803-1533 or email

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