Determining Which Wafer Processing Station Will Meet Your Requirements

Wet benches stations are available in various configurations which are designed for different applications. Because of this, clients may have a difficult time deciding which equipment to choose that will best meet their requirements. One way to reduce the uncertainty and to make the selection more defined is to focus on three areas where your requirements must be met.

A wafer processing station needs to address the following items:

1) Compliance with standards
Wet bench stations should comply with the following industry standards to ensure safe operation and resistance to combustion:

  • NFPA – National Fire Protection
  • NFPA 79 – Safety of Industrial Machinery
  • NEC – National Electrical Code
  • UL 508a – Standard for Industrial Control Panels

If wet bench stations have to be installed outside the US, Modutek is also able to comply with a foreign country’s own local and national safety standards. In addition, Modutek can supply third-party certification for compliance.

2) Applications
Modutek can supply the right systems and advise on the benefits and advantages of certain products from their complete line of wet bench equipment, depending on the process or application required.

3) Automation
Modutek offers manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet bench stations. You should know your needs first before deciding whether you want a manual or automated model:

  • Manual – ideal for low volume custom or prototype device processes. It has the most competitive pricing among the three models.
  • Semi-automated – has some automated features and provides uniform processing without the higher priced associated with fully-automated models
  • Fully automated – ideal for hands-off operation and higher volume with standard processes. It improves higher throughput and minimizes human errors.

Modutek’s wafer processing stations are developed and manufactured with the same high-quality materials but it can also supply the appropriate degree of automation that will meet the customer’s needs and specifications.

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